Blamite Game Engine - API  00421.
The API for the Blamite Game Engine.
Blamite Game Engine - API
Important Notice
The Blamite API is under heavy development. All documentation and functionality are subject to change.

Welcome to the API documentation for the Blamite Game Engine!

This resource contains information on all classes, data structures, methods, and functions available through the Blamite API.

What does the API do?

The Blamite API is a powerful tool that allows for direct C++ interaction with the game engine, without having to alter the game engine's code itself. With it, you can:

  • Create modifications and extensions to the game engine
  • Introduce custom tag classes and use them throughout a Blamite project
  • Create faster and lower-level game scripts
  • Virtually anything else you can imagine - the engine is your playground!

The API is primarily used in the form of Extensions, which are simply separate modules loaded by the engine during startup. All you need to do is create a DLL that implements a couple of functions, and you're off to the races! For a tutorial on creating engine extensions, see [this page](creating-extensions). You can also view a boilerplate example extension here.