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This is the repository for the core of the Blamite Game Engine: blam. While the term 'blam' is typically used to refer to the original engine developed by Bungie, it is also used as the project name for the engine itself. Generally, however, when referring to this engine as a whole, it is suggested to use the term 'Blamite' to avoid any confusion.

Auto-Generated Documentation

Blamite included automatically generated documentation from code comments. To view the documentation, head to the Elaztek Developer Portal (currently located at There are currently two ways to use the documentation

  • The raw Doxygen HTML output - This is the HTML documentation as given directly from Doxygen.
  • Sphinx/Breathe/Exhale - This contains most of the same content as the Doxygen docs, with the key difference being that it sports a more modern and (somewhat) more usable interface.

Both forms of documentation will be supported for the forseeable future. Use whichever one you prefer or find easier to navigate.


As Blamite is not currently open-source, the documentation is password protected. Upon first opening the documentation, you will be asked for a username and password. This information can be found on the homepage of the wiki for this repository. Just copy/paste the info and you're good to go.

Discord Rich Presence

If you are interested in utilizing rich presence features in development builds (you'll be able to see your own and other people using it), please make an issue containing your Discord username and discrim (Username#0000) or contact haloman30 on Discord to be invited.