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Important Notice

Some of the resources listed below are restricted to the public.

Builds from Jenkins are only available for team members. If you are an Elaztek team member, you should've had an account setup upon joining the team. If not, contact haloman30 to get one.

In order to access Stratagem, you must also be a member of the Elaztek team. Sign into your account, and you should be able to view Stratagem.

Doxygen and the Engine Guides are both accessible to everyone, both inside and outside of the Elaztek Studios team.

Blamite API

Looking to create extensions for the Blamite Game Engine? Check the API documentation here.

Latest API Docs API Docs Index

Engine Guides

Need some help using the game engine's tools? Maybe you're looking to start making your own map, or you're a developer unfamiliar with our tools. In either case, you can find handwritten guides here.

Latest Guides Guides Index


Stratagem is our boards system, used for tracking issues, new features, and other things that need to be done for any of our projects. If you're working on one of our projects, you can find out what needs to be worked on here.



Jenkins is our current build system. If you want to grab the latest build, or just ensure that everything built properly, this is the place.



Here, you can find automatically generated documentation for the engine's source code - intended to aid in engine development.



The Elaztek Gitlab is the home of all of the source code for our projects.