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The Blamite Game Engine is still in very early (pre-alpha) stages of development. Most, if not all of the content found within these guides is subject to change as the goals and needs of the engine grow and evolve over time. While we do intend to work to ensure that the engine is backwards compatiable with earlier versions, there could be any number of changes made prior to any public releases - and many of these can and will break compatiability.

If you're looking for more general information on the Blamite Game Engine as a project, we advise viewing the following pages:

Blamite Documentation#

Looking to get started working with the Blamite Game Engine? This is the place to look!

The guides available here are pulled from the Blamite Wiki found on the Gitlab repository. Many of them are out of date and need to be either written, or in some cases rewritten.

Along with that, the Blamite engine itself is still in its infancy, and is very far from being considered feature-complete.

A large amount of the Guides content is legacy content from the old Blamite Wiki, which dates back to 2017/2018 in some cases. You'll find some pages that don't make sense, and others that seem incomplete. This content will gradually be cut out, rewritten, or replaced as time goes on. When browsing the Guides, just keep in mind that not everything here is representative of the final product, and that many things are bound to have changed since they were written.

Accessing Source Documentation (Doxygen)#

To access the auto-generated docs on the Elaztek Developer Hub (, you will require some credentials.

These credentials can be obtained by visiting the Wiki on the Blamite repository.