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Blamite Documentation#

This is the internal documentation on the Blamite Game Engine. All content on these pages should be treated as CONFIDENTIAL.

Accessing Auto-Generated Documentation#

To access the auto-generated docs on the Elaztek Developer Hub (, you will require some credentials.

These credentials can be obtained by visiting the Wiki on the Blamite repository.


  • Do not link to or reference any page or its content.
  • Do not screenshot any page content.
  • Do not record video of any page content.
  • Do not share screenshots or videos of any page or its content.
  • Do not download and re-upload any page or its content.
  • Do not migrate any content between this wiki and the website copy of the documentation unless instructed.
  • Do not disclose any content within this documentation.


Violation of any of the rules above will result in your loss of access to Blamite source code, will likely result in your suspension from the Gitlab and/or website, and could result in legal action.

"You have no rights. Play nice."