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The core library for the Blamite Game Engine.
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This is the project for the core of the Blamite Game Engine: blam. While the term 'blam' is typically used to refer to the original engine developed by Bungie, it is also used as the project name for the engine itself. Generally, however, when referring to this engine as a whole, it is suggested to use the term 'Blamite' to avoid any confusion.

If you are interested, you can view the cloc output (lines of code) information for this project here: cloc.txt

Auto-Generated Documentation

Blamite included automatically generated documentation from code comments. To view the documentation, head to the Elaztek Developer Hub (located at https://hub.elaztek.com). There, you'll find links to things such as Jenkins, hand-written Guides, and the Doxygen documentation. There are two main resources for the Blamite documentation:

  • Latest Doxygen Docs - These are always the latest docs generated from the most recent Jenkins build. You'll see a list of the various projects that make up the engine, and on the header of each project, you'll see the version number at the top.
  • Doxygen Index - If for any reason you need to view documentation for older builds, you can find a list of all older documentation builds here.


As Blamite is not currently open-source, the documentation is password protected. Upon first opening the documentation, you will be asked for a username and password. This information can be found on the homepage of the wiki for this repository. Just copy/paste the info and you're good to go.

Discord Rich Presence

If you are interested in utilizing rich presence features in development builds (you'll be able to see your own and other people using it), please make an issue containing your Discord username and discrim (Username#0000) or contact haloman30 on Discord to be invited.

Data Files

Several data files are contained within blam, found within the _data folder.

  • 📁 bink - Contains any startup movies. Currently unimplemented and unused.
  • 📁 data - Contains any general-purpose data files used for testing and development.
  • 📁 dev_data - Old folder whose purpose is now served by data. Will be removed in the future.
  • 📁 maps - Contains most game content, including cache files, map information, map images, and fonts.
  • cheats.txt - Not yet implemented.
  • init.txt - Contains a list of script functions to execute at startup.