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The Blamite Game Engine is still in very early (pre-alpha) stages of development. Most, if not all of the content found within these guides is subject to change as the goals and needs of the engine grow and evolve over time. While we do intend to work to ensure that the engine is backwards compatible with earlier versions, there could be any number of changes made prior to any public releases - and many of these can and will break compatibility.

If you're looking for more general information on the Blamite Game Engine as a project, we advise viewing the following pages:

Blamite Documentation#

Looking to get started working with the Blamite Game Engine? This is the place to look!

Currently, many features of the engine are still under heavy development, as the engine is considered to be in a pre-alpha state. Some pages will be incomplete or missing entirely. Any and all content is subject to change at a future date.

Additionally, some pages available here are pulled from the Wiki found on the Blamite Gitlab repository from 2017/2018. While there are few of these pages left, some of them may still be present and may need rewritten or updating. Some pages may also contain references to the documentation being "team only", as these older pages were originally created with the expectation that only team members and engine developers would see them. You can feel free to ignore or disregard these warnings if you find them.

Historical Documentation#

Some of the Guides content is legacy content from the old Blamite Wiki, which dates back to 2017/2018 in some cases. You'll find some pages that don't make sense, and others that seem incomplete. This content will gradually be cut out, rewritten, or replaced as time goes on. When browsing the Guides, just keep in mind that not everything here is representative of the final product, and that many things are bound to have changed since they were written.

If you'd like to check out some of the earlier iterations of these guides, you can check out each and every revision to them here.

For the most part, each folder will contain a build and commit number, as these guides are built using our Jenkins server and stored on our Gitlab installation. There are, however, several folders which do not follow this format:

  • __design_wip - This folder contains builds #39 - #44. These were used for testing when making design changes for the guides site. The content contained within is unchanged outside of the actual MkDocs design itself.
  • __devonly_public - This contains documentation identical to the __secure folder's content, with sensitive information removed in order to allow this content to be viewed publicly. These guides much more closely resemble the internal documentation content prior to being made public, and as such will contain many references to the pages being team-only. That being said, if you're interested in comparing these old pages to their modern iterations, feel free!
  • __secure - This folder contains builds #1 - #38. These were the early iterations of the documentation site when the content was being transitioned from team-only to be more appropriate for the public. Since some content included contains sensitive information, access is restricted.
  • latest - This folder will always contain the latest guides content.

Accessing Source Documentation (Doxygen)#

The content here is entirely handwritten, and intended to guide users on how to use the game engine and its toolset. If you're a developer and looking for documentation of the source code itself, or just the type of person who likes seeing behind-the-scenes, you can view this content here.

Development Builds#

Currently, the game engine is in a pre-alpha state. There will be bugs, missing features, crashes, and other problems. That being said, we do periodically release development builds to let interested community members to give the engine a spin - both to test new features, and suggest changes and improvements.

If you'd be interested, be sure to join our Discord to get in touch! Afterwards, you can check out all available development builds here.